Halloween is still more than two months away, but some parents may already be making plans. Although things are supposed to be a bit spooky and scary during Halloween, the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic is a fear that everyone could do without. In most parts of the world where Halloween is celebrated, parents will need to take extra precautions this year, and that obviously includes social gatherings like parties and trick-or-treating.

Handa Printing Co., Ltd. has a product which they hope will make things safer during this Halloween season. Instead of wearing a conventional costume which isn't designed to provide any protection against the virus, they propose face shields with decorations on them.

Changing Face Shield

These "Changing Face Shields" which come in many varieties, including Halloween versions, can be easily attached to a pair of plastic glasses (which come with the variety packs or can be purchased separately) and provide protection while still letting you share the spirit of Halloween.

Let's take a look at the varieties available:

Halloween Set A

Halloween Set B

Animal Set A

Animal Set B

The face shields can also be purchased separately, such as this new model called "Cute Ghosts":

Even grown-ups can wear them:

Product Information

  • Name: チェンジングフェイスシールド | Changing Face Shield
  • Material: PET plastic (shield), polycarbonate (frame)
  • Dimensions: H 228 mm to 320 mm x H 251 mm
  • Price: 990 JPY ea. / glasses 550 JPY (tax incl.) | Sets 4,400 JPY (tax incl.)
  • Online orders: product website

By - Ben K.