Halloween is nearly upon us, and it wouldn’t be complete without some treats to go along with all the tricks. Luckily for fans of the spooky season in Japan, there’s been plenty of timely sweets appearing in various stores.

Disney enthusiasts are being especially spoilt with awesome treats like Disney villain cakes and ghostly Mickey puddings.

Thanks to character wagashi specialists ‘Tabemasu’, there’s even some traditional Japanese sweets on offer in convenience stores, shaped like some very recognisable characters. The Halloween lineup is made up of the ever-popular Toy Story Aliens and a retro-style Mickey Mouse.

These sweets are made of nerikiri, a type of wagashi made from white bean paste and mochi dough. It’s easily moulded, carved, and coloured, so the characters are super detailed and cute.

The Toy Story Aliens have a pumpkin flavoured filling which matches their Halloween outfit.

Mickey Mouse has appeared before in Tabemasu’s lineup but this is the first time he’s had a Halloween makeover. Like the Aliens, he has a pumpkin costume, but Mickey’s filling is custard flavour.

Each one costs 278 yen and they will be hitting the chilled sweets section of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan from 23rd October.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.