Ever since Japan announced it would require stores to charge customers for plastic bags, eco-bag sales have steadily increased. For example, Kyoto Shimbun reported that sales of eco-bags at the Tokyu Hands store as of June 2020 saw up to a threefold increase from the same period the previous year.

However, for Japanese men who don't usually carry around tote bags or eco-bags, this requires some getting used to. And then there's the issue of the design. There may be more resistance to using an eco-bag if it doesn't match your usual fashion or look, especially if that look requires wearing a suit.

For example, in an article promoting an eco-bag posted in the online version of fashion magazine Oggi, the author admits: "I have several of them which I use according to the situation, but the problem is my husband. According to him, he wants an eco-bag because he wants to follow the changing times, but he feels some resistance to using bags with cute designs on them (of course, I think a man who can carry around that kind of bag smartly is wonderful too!)"

While there are many neutral, solid-colored eco-bags on the market now in Japan, there haven't been too many which seem specifically designed for men.

"Trad look" striped eco-bags

Fujimaki, an e-commerce site which describes itself as an online department store, has collaborated with Ramuda, a luxury umbrella brand making high-quality umbrellas in Shimbashi, Tokyo since 1946, on a new series of three eco-bags which fit the bill.

Using Ramuda umbrella's elegant Koshu weave umbrella fabric, these sturdy, dirt and water-resistant eco-bags have a "trad look" with a striped design that matches any work-day situation whether your dress code is formal or semi-casual.


Here are a few good reasons to buy one:

Luxury umbrella fabric "Koshu weave"

These bags use Koshu-ori 甲州織 (Koshu weave) fabric made by an umbrella fabric maker based in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, an area specializing in textile manufacture for over a millennium. Koshu-ori is prized for its sheen, its ability to express colors beautifully, and a perfect balance between thickness and tightness in the weave.

Easy to wash thanks to a water-repellent finish

Just like Ramuda umbrellas, the Koshu weave fabric used in these eco-bags has a water-repellent finish outside and a waterproof and UV-resistant finish on the inside. As a result, condensed moisture won't seep out when you put chilled or frozen foods, ice or ice packs inside. The bags are also easy to wash if they should get dirty.

Beautifully stitched with care

The bags are expertly stitched in a factory that handles clothes for an internationally-renowned trad fashion brand. From the pattern matching that doesn't spoil the beauty of the pattern, to the piping process around the bag opening, it's a beautiful finish, just like tailored clothes. The size of the bag is also finely adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric, so it fits perfectly when folded.

Trad style that goes well with a suit

The bags come in three designs: "London Stripe" with thin blue stripes on a white background, a dignified "Japan Trad" with broad silver stripes on a navy blue background, and a chic "Herringbone Color Stripe" with yellow-green and dark green herringbone twilled weave. All three look smart and go well with a suit.

Product Information

  • Unfolded dimensions: W 32.5 cm (12.8") x H 40 cm (15.7") [handles raised 54 cm (21.3")] x D 16 cm (6.3")
  • Folded dimensions: H 13 cm (5.1") x W 12 cm (4.7")
  • Material: Koshu Weave (100% polyester)
  • Weight: 71 g (2.5 oz)
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Price: 3,600 JPY + tax
  • Product website (ordering)
  • Note: Delivery expected in late September

By - Ben K.