gelato pique, a famous loungewear brand in Japan, is known for its comfy and cute pajamas and assorted maternity and household products. The brand maintains a perennially popular clothing line; however, it is also known for crossover promotions and collaboration events. For instance, grape Japan covered its plush animals inspired by Asahiyama Zoo as well as the “Dreaming Strawberry STAY” at Hotel New. gelato pique also promotes its sweet tooth occasionally with cafe products like black and purple ice cream cones.

Polar bear ice-cream

"White Summer” polar bear sweets are on sale at the gelato pique cafe. These tasty polar bear-themed snacks are available for a limited time only, from July 7th to August 1st. The lineup includes three “cool sweets” that can help fans of the brand stay cool despite the blistering summer temperatures.

White bear crepe

This crepe is made from dough using high-grade fermented butter. It is topped with collagen-infused, yogurt-flavored gelato. Eat-in: 830 JPY. Takeout: 820 JPY.

Polar bear gelato

Two servings of yogurt gelato, also infused with collagen, serve as layered toppings to this crepe dessert. It is sweet with an adorable presentation. The polar bear gelato is chilled, so it is a great dessert for children and adults during the hotter months of the year. Eat-in: 490 JPY. Takeout: 480 JPY.

Polar bear soft serve

Luxurious soft serve ice cream that incorporates a refreshing milk and rich cream flavor. Like the others snacks, it is topped with a cute polar bear treat. Great for a break while out and about or while shopping. Eat-in: 580 JPY. Takeout: 570 yen.

Customers rave online

As mentioned, the sweets are limited time only. Naturally, fans of gelato pique have already been enjoying the summertime snack. They’ve reacted:

"Today's ice cream" in Ikebukuro. It is very convenient that Ikebukuro is within walking distance of soft serve shops. This is a gelato pique polar bear soft serve cone."

"gelato pique's bear ice cream is so cute!"

"gelato pique's ice cream is so cute! I want to eat it!"

"It's gelato pique's ice cream!"

"There is polar bear ice cream made by gelato pique!? I want some!!!"

Cherry reusable bag

As gelato pique fans strive to beat the heat while out shopping, the brand is also working to help them be eco-conscious and stylish. The brand has released several American Cherry themed items, including a mini-sized reusable bag. Last year, many items like the bag experienced high demand and sold out almost immediately.

Mini reusable bag. Length 47 cm x Width 28 cm. 1,320 JPY and available at all gelato pique cafe stores and its website.

Fans reacted:

"gelato pique's mother and child notebook case/diaper case is too cute! The item seems to be quite easy to use. Yet, the Toy Story case I currently have is also cute, and I just bought it. Hmm...should I buy another one?"

"These pajamas from gelato pique are so cute but sold out… I’m a sucker for cherry and strawberry patterns."

Although gelato pique is known for warm and comfy pajamas, their summertime items are certainly a big hit too. Stay cool with gelato pique ice cream and its summertime items!

By - Luke Mahoney.