With fear of the coronavirus all pervasive, companies are scrambling to come up with products to meet the demand for reassurance. Case Mate, a leading maker of smartphone accessories, has just launched a pack of antibacterial wipes for smartphones.

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes often the reassurance of protection from bacteria. They come in packs of 20 sheets. To use one, simply remove the sheet and wipe your smartphone. Bacteria are removed easily and effectively.

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes aren’t just a clever idea. They have passed the notoriously strict GB 15979-2002 hygiene test, which sets a high bar for any product claiming to remove bacteria and viruses.

The antibacterial effects of CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes last for up to 48 hours, so a set of 20 sheets will significantly reduce the risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus via your smartphone for about 960 hours. That’s 40 days!

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes come in a neat and compact pack that can be opened and closed repeatedly, making it convenient to carry. What’s more, you can use them on anything, so whenever you feel your fear of infection rising, just reach for a CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipe and give the offending object a good wipe!

The folks at Case Mate have also developed an antibacterial and shockproof iPhone case as part of its “Tough Clear Plus” range of phone accessories. Their inhouse tech wizards coated a standard IPhone case with a special antibacterial material called Micropel, which has been proven effective at reducing the risk of bacterial infection through smartphones.

Thanks to its hybrid structure and thick corners, Case Mate’s iPhone case has passed its 4.5m drop test, so it also provides unbeatable protection against impact damage. Although the clear case is shock-resistant, it has a beautifully slim design, so you can still use wireless charging and Apple Pay, even with the case attached.

What’s more, it has been processed to withstand the yellowing that often blights laminated plastic cases over time, so you can be sure your iPhone will maintain a long-lasting sparkle.

Because Case Mate really cares about the environment, it only uses plant-based plastic for its iPhone case. Better still, the packaging around the case is made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled paper, and the ink used on the packaging is made from organic soybeans.

And here’s another new product from Case Mate: an antibacterial, tempered glass film for your iPhone. CleanScreenZ Glass protects your iPhone screen not only from shock but also from bacteria. The glass surface is coated with antibacterial silver ion (Ag+), which reduces the risk of infection from bacteria sticking to the screen of your iPhone.

The thin and hard 9H tempered-glass protects the screen from scratches and shocks. And its special surface treatment means that your fingers won’t leave a greasy film, so your iPhone screen stays smooth and transparent, even when you are pasting screen operations.

CleanScreenZ Glass comes with a wet cleaning cloth, a dry cleaning cloth, a dust removal sticker and a guide frame, which helps you to attach the glass to your iPhone easily and beautifully.

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes are available for 1,000 yen, plus tax, from all good retailers. The clear plastic iPhone case is 4000 yen plus tax. CleanScreenZ Glass retails for just ¥3,000, plus tax.

For more details, and a list of compatible models of smartphone, see the Case Mate website

By - George Lloyd.