We've seen Japanese schoolgirls throw down with sumo wrestlers before in order to get their hands on some ramen, but this promotional video for the 101st iteration of the Kanazawa High School Sumo Tournament may be the fiercest combination of sumo and schoolgirls yet. In the video, a pair of dueling Japanese schoolgirls demonstrate the 82 techniques that can be used to win a sumo match with stylish grace!

While there are definitely more unaccounted ways in which to win a sumo bout, the two girls in this video demonstrate what are regarded as the 82 official winning techniques. These include a variety of dodging techniques, twists, and throw-down maneuvers--all of which might have been a bit awkward to perform in school uniform.

You can watch all techniques in short-video form on the official campaign website, as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.