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Cat adorably mystified by popular fish toy

Mochako (@mocanonno)has two beloved cats. One day, she finally purchased a special cat toy that she had been eyeing for her cats for a while.

I could only imagine that Mochako was excited when she made the purchase, picturing her cats being happy and playful with their new toy!

Take a look at the video of the cat’s first interaction with the new toy!

You’d think a cat would go insane over his new toy, but… Despite the owner’s anticipation, the cat kept his distance and stayed behind the sliding door, carefully observing the new toy…

Clearly, in their eyes the moving fish toy was way too weird and made them suspicious.

Mochako tweeted the video and received 60,000 likes and comments.

You know, I got the same fish toy for my cat, but she didn’t like it, either. Maybe it was a bad match?

It’s kind of cute that he just stares at it!

He even looks confused! It’s too bad he isn’t really going for it to play, but it still looks like he’s eyeing on the toy!

Mochako also tweeted a follow-up post about the relationship with the cat and the toy. Apparently, “He tolerates the toy enough to stay near, but would prefer not to look at it”

I’m sure it was somewhat disappointing to Mochako that the new toy she got for her cat did not receive the warmest welcome that she expected.

We hope that one day the cat would open up to his new toy, and start playing with it like it’s meant to be!

By - Mugi.