Japan's rich and gorgeous cherry blossom season means boatloads of sakura-themed goods are released around the country, including Sakura McFlurries and Sakura Frappuccinos, to name a few. Those seeking a more traditional way to enjoy cherry blossom flavored goods are also in luck thanks to these sakura jelly, which offer a raindrop jelly confectionery containing actual cherry blossoms.

At first glance, Japanese sweets-lovers will no doubt be reminded of the raindrop cake, inspired by Mizu Shingen Mochi. While there's definitely an aesthetic resemblance, these charming jellies are the product of Eitaro, Akita prefecture's longstanding confectionery maker that dates all the way back to the Meiji era. The technique and tradition of crafting traditional Japanese sweets grew along with towns in the prefecture, and to celebrate a very successful 2016, Eitaro is introducing a limited edition version of their sakura jellies (that they've been making since 2004) featuring salted cherry blossoms, honey, and cherry blossom liqueur.

Clear jelly with a hint of pink envelope a whole and salted cherry blossom, which has been flavored with just a dash of sakura liqueur and honey!

These clear raindrops of sakura-filled goodness are sold in boxes of three for 900 yen ($7.90 USD), as well as larger packs of nine for 2,460 yen ($21.60 USD). Individual treats can be bought for 250 yen, and can be purchased on spot at department stores in Akita and Tokyo, as well as Akita Airport and the JR Akita station. Boxes are available on Eitaro's online shop for domestic shipment in Japan.

This special version of the sakura jelly is a seasonal limited edition, so if you're in Japan for the cherry blossom season now is a good time to swoop some up. If you miss out, don't fret, as many more of Eitaro's confectioneries look more than satisfactory. Besides, an endless tide of sakura goods is released every year!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.