"This is actually terrifying."

"If I saw this in the middle of the night, I’d scream."

"This would paralyze me out of terror!"

Kashi(@ayakoharun918) with a 6 year-old daughter tweeted a photo that is terrifying all the viewers on the internet.

One day, Kashi went to check on her daughter after she was taking a while to return from the washroom. What she saw then, would simply give you the worst chill.

In the hallway right outside of the living room, there’s her daughter’s doll “Mel chan” standing straight on her two legs. It was as if “Chucky” from the famous horror movie, “Child's Play” came to life. Needless to say, Kashi screamed like she never did before out of horror.

The backlight, the perfectly positioned doll just standing in the hallway out of nowhere... everything about this made a perfect horror scene.

The daughter eventually came out of the washroom giggling and innocently asked, “What’s wrong?”

To this day, she isn’t sure if the doll was placed intentionally or by coincident. Nonetheless, she must have been so relieved to know that it was not the evil murderous doll’s trick like a movie!

By - Mugi.