August 2020 has been a very hot month with heatwave of over 35 Celsius on many days in a row.

On days like this, it makes you crave some refreshing, cooling meal.

Nissin Cup Noodle(@cupnoodle_jp) (or the person running their account, really) clearly couldn’t agree more, and….

Who would have thought, he decided to have cup-noodle in Japanese “nagashi noodle” style for one person.

I must wonder if he added in the cold “nagashi” water after cooking the noodle and the toppings with hot water.

This very unorthodox style of having a cup-noodle obviously caught many people’s attention on the internet.

I did not think of this. The “Cup-noodle” went rogue. But I must admit, I am curious to try it.

The topping placed in the center is still making an iconic stance in this photo. It gave me a good laugh!

Hmm… I wonder how it tastes. If there’s a cup-noodle you can cook with cold water, it would definitely be a hit for the summer season.

A cold “Nagashi” cup-noodle makes you curious what it tastes like, doesn’t it?

By - Mugi.