Like many shiba inu, Tatsunoko-hime (affectionately known as Tacchan), is known to get into some silly predicaments. While Tacchan doesn't (at least to our knowledge...) stick her head through holes in walls or have an elaborate pre-meal dance routine, the cute shiba recently had a momentarily terrifying run-in with natto (Japanese fermented soy beans) that ended with a dramatic, but hilarious trip to the vet.

One of Tacchan's humans @TACHUNOKOHIME recently shared the harrowing tale on Twitter with the below video, which becomes a lot more adorable in hindsight.

"3 months ago, Tacchan suddenly turned into a castanet when she ate some natto. My husband grabbed her and rushed to the vet while shouting "don't die!" Then the vet said to my husband, whose face had gone pale from crying:

'There's no problem with her! Hahaha. She just thinks natto is so delicious she can't control her excitement! Hahaha!'

Since then my husband has been totally embarassed and will hardly enter the examination room at the vet."

Anyone familiar with natto knows that outside of its strong smell, the fermented soy beans are known for a slimy, sticky, and stringy texture that requires a lot of stirring before eating. While Tacchan was most certainly processing that, apparently the delightful shiba had also been smacking her lips in excitement over her new, and surprising, favor treat!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.