Smartphones have changed the camera and film industry. Analogue photography film producer Kodak filed for bankruptcy back in 2012, although Japanese Fujifilm successfully diversified and continues to thrive. Essentially, the multinational company recognized the disruptive potential of digital and invested in medical technology and the like.

Nevertheless, the smartphone onslaught continues. With smartphone penetration upwards of 57 percent in Japan, digital camera manufacturers are starting to feel the heat. Among the eight digital camera makers in the country, only one announced a profit in 2018. This is hardly surprising as the market had declined some 80% by that year.

Living in Asia, however, many photographers can still be seen lugging impressive rigs. Although tourism is at a standstill during the pandemic, tourist spots like Arashiyama in Kyoto are photogenic areas where many develop their eye.

And unfortunately, with any artistic endeavor, there is a fair portion of snobs. Manga artist Kaki (@kakinuma31) recently released a piece confronting common attitudes among some photographers.

Reproduced with permission from © Kaki (@kakinuma31)

Reproduced with permisssion from © Kaki (@kakinuma31)

Indeed, there is no reason to feel self-conscious. I particularly like this piece because it downplays snobbish sentiments. They certainly shouldn't stop anyone from following their passion.

Readers also agreed with Kaki:

  • “I love cameras so I sympathized with this piece. The important thing is your sensibilities.”
  • “First of all, you shouldn’t feel the least bit embarrassed. I think that camera is compact and easy to use.”
  • “Even outside of cameras, you should enjoy using the things that you like.”

If you liked this piece, you can find more like it on Kaki’s Twitter page. Check it out.

By - Luke Mahoney.