On a clear summer's day, the scenery found deep in the Japanese countryside can make for some fantastic photography, with some shots that might make you wonder if you're staring at a still from a Studio Ghibli film.

It's usually that striking scenery, however, and not random bystanders that make for such photography. Japanese Twitter user Natsume (@sauntm) seems to have found an exception to that she stumbled upon a man farming in the town of Asahi, Toyama prefecture.

Struck by the natural beauty of the area, Natsume thought the man-at-work would add something to a shot of countryside road and surrounding valley. When she called out to him and asked for permission to include him in her shot, she was surprised to see how he reacted!

She shared the photo, along with a caption explaining the setup and his response, which has been warming the hearts of many online:

"When I asked an old man I came across on a country road 'Excuse me! Please let me take a picture of you standing there!!' he went out of his way to bring a straw hat and a hoe from his workshop to excitedly model for me. He even gave me tea and sweets on my way home. Summer. It's just too good."

Source: @sauntm

Much to Natsume's surprise, the farmer was more than happy to not just be in the photo, but to playfully model for it with his work gear. The result is a rather wonderful shot of the Japanese countryside and the people who live and work in it, as well as delightful encounter with a man who showed her some countryside hospitality.

Charmed Twitter users left their impressions in the replies:

"The composition of the landscape and the man is perfect!"

"This perfect picture of summer sooths my soul. I love it."

"What a pleasant man, he must have been happy to have been asked to be in the photo."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.