Even for a traditional Japanese inn that's as relaxing and charming as Koma No O in Okayama Prefecture, it's not easy staying afloat amongst the thousands of other rival inns, hotels, and guesthouses striving to stay in business. In fact, for Miya and his family, their family-run ryokan (inn) was on the verge of closing up for good when Miya decided to take new measures to attract more guests by offering their facility as a venue for cosplayers.

As a self-proclaimed otaku himself, Miya already had experience as a college student inviting friends over to take cosplay pictures at Koma No O. The location proved as an especially ideal backdrop for pictures taken in costumes for anime set in nature and traditional Japan, and for years Miya had harbored ideas of offering the inn for anime-lovers looking to preserve their cosplay experiences in timeless photographs.

Putting such ideas to action in order to save the family business, Miya recently began calling for potential guests interested in using the inn as a cosplay venue. The response was greater than expected, and he now has a Twitter account directed specifically for guests who are looking for a beautiful spot for their next photoshoot.

Although Miya initially recommended the ryokan for cosplayers of animations like My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke, he has also shared that the facility is fitting for anime such as Touken Ranbu and Naruto. Naruto fans are particularly welcome since the inn is located close to the hometown of Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the popular manga series.

Great for experienced cosplayers as well as those who have just started to spread their wings, guests will be able to rent props and kimono in addition to using the facility, and receive any assistance if needed.

Head over to the Koma No O website and Twitter account for more information. If you ever find yourself looking for an elegant venue for a cosplay photoshoot, make sure to keep this one-of-a-kind spot in mind!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.