Next Meats Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that provides plant-based alternatives to popular meaty dishes--both as a way of accommodating different diets but also as their proposed solution to the global food crisis. After finding success with their Next Meat Burgers and Next Meat Yakiniku, the company is turning their sights to another one of Japan's popular meat dishes: gyudon, or beef bowls.

The company says it's made an additive-free plant-based alternative that is identical in both taste and texture to the classic gyudon, and hope it dispels the myth that the benefits of plant-based "fake meat" come at a sacrifice in flavor.

The limited release will be available via the company's online store starting September 28th, with the gyudon shipping in packs that can be boiled in hot water as is, or cooked in a pan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.