Dorayaki is one of Japan's favorite traditional sweets. The treat sees azuki red bean paste (although there are custard and chocolate varieties, as well) sandwiched between to miniature pancakes made of castella. Having the nostalgic snack sent as a gift would make just about most people happy.

Japanese retailer Ii na stores maybe be testing that theory, however, with their new "Kao Dorayaki"--or "Face Dorayaki", which allows senders to imprint a face of their choosing on top of the traditional cake! As you can see below, the result can range from comical to...perhaps even frightening.

The Face Dorayaki are actually being sold, at least in some part, as a proposed solution to young children and their grandparents not being able to meet up celebrate this year's Respect for the Aged day due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. While anyone's face can be imprinted (the sender, the recipient, or even Nicolas Cage if you so choose to), the maker thinks it's a fun way for kids and their grandparents to stay in touch.

Or for others to play a gag on each other.

After ordering from Ii na's online store, customers are asked to simply e-mail their preferred photo to be imprinted on the dorayaki, which come in packs of 5 for 3,240 yen.

By - Big Neko.