This May marks 8 years since the grand opening of the world's tallest tower; Tokyo Skytree. However, with COVID-19 shutting down businesses, venues and events around the globe, celebrations of Skytree’s 8th year were sadly put on hold.
Now that things are gradually getting back to normal, celebrations can finally go ahead and Tokyo Skytree has invited you to come join in on the merriment at its special anniversary event, which has been pushed forward to October 1st.

Commemorate the event with the following special Anniversary celebratory food menus, experiences and items.

Sorakara meet and greet

Come meet and pose for a photo together with Tokyo Skytree’s official mascot Sorakara Chan. The friendly faced character will be wearing a different uniform design according to the dates.

Current Costume - 4th September to 13th September
Miyako Costume - 14th September to 22nd September
Nobori Costume - 23rd September to 30th September
New uniform costume - 1st October onwards

Tokyo Skytree 8th Anniversary Pin

Spend 1000 yen or more in The Skytree Shop and get your hands on this limited edition Tokyo Skytree 8th anniversary pin badge. The unique celebratory pin features a motif of Sorakara Chan standing next to Tokyo Skytree. The Skytree has been releasing celebratory pin badges every year since their grand opening back in 2012, with each pin featuring a new design and theme.

Sales Period: 4th September

Time: Tokyo Sky Tree THE SKYTREE SHOP 1st floor 10:00~/5th floor 9:30~

*The number of total pin badges is limited, so sales will end as soon as stock disappears.

Tokyo Skytree 8th Anniversary Sorakara Honey

To commemorate the 8th anniversary since the opening of Tokyo Skytree Town, Sorakara-chan is featured re-designed as a bee on the packaging of this pot of premium honey. Staff will present the first 634 visitors to Tokyo Skytree with this special anniversary honey pot.

Date and time: 1st October, 10:30 ~

Location: Tokyo Skytree Town 4th floor Sky Arena

Sports Festival in Tokyo Skytree Town Vol.9: Soccer talk show

Taking place at the Sky Arena on the 13th of September, the Sports Festival in Tokyo Skytree Town Vol.9 will see voice actor Ayaka Oshashi and entertainer Takahiro Ogata take lead of a talk show focusing on soccer.

The festival is held in collaboration between Tokyo Skytree Town and Bunka Broadcasting, and will be available as a live broadcast online. Visitors will be chosen from a lottery draw to take part as members of the audience.

Date: 13th September

Time: 10:30 -17:00

Location: Sky Arena, 4th floor, Tokyo Skytree Town

Price: Free

Tokyo Skytree 8th Anniversary Picnic Park

Get stuck in with all the fun at the Tokyo Skytree 8th Anniversary Picnic Park which will be held at the Sky Arena on the 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree.
Enjoy the silhouette of Tokyo Skytree against an autumn sky, alongside a selection of tasty foods and drinks at the Picnic Park.

Pair a dish of fried chicken, potatoes or sausages with a beer from German brewery Hofbräu. If you’d prefer something sweeter, the menu features a range of ice creams, churros and a Manuka Honey Muffin Toast made with Tokyo Skytree’s 8th Anniversary Sorakara Honey.

Period: September 5th - October 4th

Time: 11:00-19:00

Location: Tokyo Skytree Town, 4th floor Sky Arena

By - Connie Sceaphierde.