Japan has the corner of niche and quirky covered when it comes to smart phone and web games. Whether its a smart phone game where girls constantly reject you and call you a loser, or a website where you flick girls in the forehead, Japanese game developers have your back. Now the latest eccentric romance game tells a tale of romance, a captive lover, and foreheads with Toroware no Paruma (Imprisoned Palm). In the game, you court (or are courted by) and imprisoned boy name Haruto who has lost his memory. In order to help him, you must watch over him and press your forehead against his, like this.


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As the girls in the gif above suggest, this is not exactly a train or public space-friendly smartphone game, and can lead to some very embarrassing posing. That's because the game requires that frequently check in with Haruto, and engage in conversations and physical intimacy to help recover his memory.

Separated by prison glass, you must press against your smartphone and talk to him.


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But you're especially required to press your head against his to communicate.


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One wrinkle in the gameplay is that Haruto can tell if you are using your forehead or finger to touch his head. Meaning not only can you not trick him, but that shoving your head into your smart phone or tablet is a necessity in this strange relationship!

Haruto corrects you if you don't touch him just right.


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You can also put cat ears on him while you watch him sleep, if that's your thing.


Source: Capcom

This promotional video shows off the story and basic gameplay.

The Japanese iTunes store and Google Play store have the app available for purchase, although you will likely need to purchase them with Japanese accounts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.