When it comes to seasonal doughnuts, Japan’s branches of Krispy Kreme always have something special lined up. Whether it’s Christmas and New Year, spring, or Tsukimi, they always find a sweet way to celebrate with adorable doughnuts.

For Halloween this year, Krispy Kreme Japan is reprising last year’s theme of ‘Monster Harvest’ with some old doughnut faces, and some new ones.

An autumn harvest wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin, so the ‘Pumpkin Jack’ doughnut is back. But he’s had a revamp and this time he’s the ‘Pumpkin Pudding Jack’, with a pumpkin pudding filling made from Hokkaido grown kabocha, a type of Japanese pumpkin. Even his face is made with pumpkin-flavoured chocolate for an unmistakably autumnal flavour.

Another doughnut which has become a Halloween staple for Krispy Kreme is the ‘Black Cat’. This year’s iteration is caramel flavoured with a caramel cream filling and has almond crunch sprinkled on top of its chocolate features.

The next addition to the Halloween set is from the general fall lineup and features a Japanese autumn specialty, purple sweet potato. The ‘Muchi Mochi Beniimo Mont Blanc’ is from the doughnut chain’s ‘Muchi Mochi’ collection meaning it has a unique squishy texture similar to traditional sweet rice cakes (mochi). The purple sweet potato mont blanc topping even has diced pieces of sweet potato perched on top.

This spooky lineup can be bought individually or in various sized 'Halloween Dozen' sets which look perfect for a Halloween party or a night in watching scary movies.

But if you're looking for some more reasonably sized seasonal treats, there's also 'mini' boxes available in different amounts, from 3 to 20 pieces.

Depending on availability, your doughnuts could also come in these eye-catching Halloween design boxes.

This creepily cute lineup will be haunting branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan until 1st November 2020.

By - Jess.