Ginza Cozy Corner’s colourful cakes are adorable enough to inspire envy in sweet-toothed Disney fans all over the world. Previously they’ve released sets inspired by various films and fan favourites like Mickey Mouse and The Little Mermaid. But at this time of the year, it's the villains’s time to shine, and Ginza Cozy Corner has come through with a special Halloween set.

This nine-piece dessert set features cakes inspired by some of the most memorable Disney villains of their animated back catalogue.

Disney superfans are sure to get each one instantly, but just in case, here’s a run down.

On the top row, starting from the left is a cocoa and orange mousse cake, inspired by Jafar. Next is a mint white chocolate cream topped cocoa sponge cake inspired by Maleficent. The queen from Snow White is represented by her poison apple, made from a whipped cream tarte filled with apple jam and topped with a raspberry jelly.

The middle row starts with Captain Hook on the left, as a sponge cake with white chocolate whipped cream and raspberry jelly. Right in the middle of all of them is the Queen of Hearts, reimagined as a berry ganache and cocoa tart. A ramune flavour whipped cream cake is inspired by Hades.

Ursula the sea witch can be found on the left on the bottom row, as a raspberry cream roll cake. Next along is Cruella de Vil as a raspberry jam and chocolate whipped cream tart. Finally, Scar from the Lion King is represented with a roll cake containing both chocolate whipped cream and pistachio whipped cream.

The set of cakes comes in an awesome box illustrated with all the featured baddies. It costs 2700 yen and will go on sale from 1st to 31st October 2021. If you want to secure your set for a truly dastardly Halloween it can be preordered online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.