Japan’s mid-autumn festival is approaching and along with it comes the special, limited-time-only treats to help celebrate.

The ‘premium’ Krispy Kreme Tsukimi doughnut (300 yen plus tax) is so special, that you can only buy it in one particular Krispy Kreme branch in one particular department store in Nagoya. The doughnut chain's premium range boasts luxury ingredients such as whipped cream, and each freshly made doughnut is decorated, one by one, in-store.

So if you happen to be a lucky inhabitant of Nagoya, you can celebrate the mid-autumn festival in luxury, with Krispy Kreme’s premium lineup of seasonal treats.

While many Tsukimi-specific creations simply reference the moon through the addition of an egg or white rice cake, this adorable doughnut goes deeper into the East Asian mythology surrounding the festival. A traditional legend is that a rabbit lives on the moon, so Krispy Kreme have recreated this rabbit as a delicious whipped cream and chestnut cream filling in the centre of the doughnut. The chocolate coating represents the dark night sky surrounding the moon rabbit. This moon-gazingly sweet treat will only be around from 16th September to 1st October to coincide with the festival.

The season is also bringing another doughnut which is very fitting for fall, the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium Brûlée Glazed Apple Custard’ (270 yen plus tax) which is currently on the ‘premium’ menu until 1st October.

But you’ll have to hop on over to the branch of Krispy Kreme in JR Nagoya station’s Takashimaya department store if you want to nibble on these autumnal doughnuts.

By - Jess.