It’s that time of year again when all the monsters, witches and ghosts come out to play. They’re haunting somewhere, whether it’s in your attic, under your bed or in your nearest Mister Donut store?!

That’s right! There’s been a Halloween takeover at Mister Donut stores across Japan. Donuts resembling all kinds of monstrous creatures have begun appearing on the donut racks and it’s your mission to catch them all!

From 4th September to 31st October, five new donuts resembling cute halloween characters will be available from Mister Donut stores nationwide as part of their Halloween event; Ouchi de Misdo Halloween.

Check out the new additions to the menu below.

The Surprised Ghost

This friendly ghost donut is surprised by his own appearance in the glass and is in training to become a full-scale ghost someday – perhaps that means the hauntings become funner?

Flavour: A ring donut dipped in white chocolate and dusted in coconut. Features chocolate eyes.

Flap Bat

Scary as he may look, this bat is actually a huge lover of children and also has a secret sweet tooth himself. The leader of a colony of bats, he is known as the Boss Bat.

Flavour: A ring donut dipped in chocolate and coated in purple glaze. Features chocolate wings and eyes.

Black Cat

This cute and cuddly cat goes wherever there are witches. His light footsteps mean that even if he is watching nearby, you may never know that he was there.

Flavour: French cruller donut coated with chocolate glaze. Features chocolate eyes and ears.

Spinning Pink Mummy

A smart and cute idol in the Mummy world, the Spinning Pink Mummy’s fashion sense is well celebrated and talked about. Everybody wants to be the Spinning Pink Mummy.

Flavour: A long donut coated in pink strawberry chocolate glaze. Features chocolate eyes.

The Chocolate Mummy

The Chocolate Mummy has cute puffy cheeks. She longs to look like her sister, The Spinny Mummy, so she has been practicing new ways to style her bandages.

Flavour: Mister Donut signature Pon De Ring donut coated in chocolate glaze. Features chocolate eyes.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.