teamLab’s interactive digital art exhibitions have become a favourite of Instagrammers thanks to the fully immersive aesthetic experience that their work offers. They are also inspired by nature and come up with their own takes on the various seasons of Japan, adding technology to the mix to create an innovative and impressive mix of the two forces.

Every year some of their work gets taken over by arguably Japan’s favourite season, spring, with pink cherry blossom themed art. But this year they’re also getting inspiration from autumn with a limited time only fall exhibition.

This event, called ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’ and located in Kyushu’s Mifuneyama Rakuen Park, was also held last year, and has been updated for this coming autumn to include seasonally inspired art.

teamLab’s famous ‘Resonating Lamp’ pieces have become somewhat of a hallmark of their exhibitions, and here a specifically fall-themed version has been constructed called ‘Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest - One Stroke, Autumn Mountain’. The interactive artwork is affected by visitors, and when they stand close to a lamp it shines brightly and causes the surrounding lamps to change too in a chain reaction. The colours bring the warm red and green tones of a mountain in autumn to mind.

The large-scale event spreads different artworks throughout the park in various settings such as forests, ponds and the historical ruins dotted around the area.

A returning installation perfect for those who are into exploring abandoned buildings is ‘Megaliths in the Bathhouse Ruins’ which takes place in a historic bathhouse. There are also other mysterious and beautiful exhibits to be found in the area’s underground ruins.

This intriguing exhibition is ongoing until 8th November, and opening times and prices vary depending on the dates so please check ahead on their website, where you can also find a full list of their art pieces and learn more about the philosophies behind them.

By - Jess.