Japanese digital art collective teamLab’s interactive exhibitions have become a favourite of photographers and Instagrammers. Their work combines digital art technology and physical spaces to create beautiful and immersive worlds which blur the line between the art and the viewer.

For the coming cherry blossom season, teamLab have announced that they are giving their Forest Fukuoka exhibit a spring makeover to include seasonal flowers like sakura. Forest Fukuoka is a venue they opened in 2020, located in Fukuoka city.

Four of their spring-inspired pieces will be viewable during the season. This includes 'Shifting Valley, Living Creatures of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives - A Whole Year per Year’. In this work, seasonal flowers bloom and die while forming into the shapes of various creatures. Rather than being played on a pre-made, repeated loop, the artwork is created through a computer program so that no two moments are the same.

Another exhibit on display is ‘A Whole Year per Year / Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives II - A Whole Year per Year’. This piece also incorporates seasonal flowers and shapes of animals. This work can even be influenced by the viewer, as the petals scatter when touched.

These interactive aspects of the artwork continue throughout the event. In ‘A Whole Year per Year / Soft Terrain and Granular Topography - A Whole Year per Year’, viewers will traverse the 3D terrain, and the digital art is affected by the location of the visitor’s steps.

‘A Whole Year per Year / Flutter of Butterflies, Ephemeral Life - A Whole Year per Year’ can also be influenced by visitors in that the presence of the digital butterflies depends on them. When there is no one in the space it is completely dark, but when a viewer enters, butterflies appear wherever they touch the floor or wall.

These pieces will be displayed from 1st March 2022 for the spring season. Check out the teamLab website for more information regarding tickets and opening times!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.