Many of those who love Hayao Miyazaki's classic film "Spirited Away" will surely remember the enigmatic cast of spirits and supernatural beings who help Chihiro on her quest or make appearances in and around the Bathhouse. From fan favorites like No-Face to the grotesque Stink Spirit and the film's deuteragonist Haku, who later reveals his dragon form, these kami contribute to the film's lasting charm.

Now, you can recreate some of the magic of the film in your own home with a collection of kami figurines by official Studio Ghibli goods retailer Donguri Republic. Each kami is portrayed in a signature pose, hence the title of the collection: Pōzu ga ippai korekushon DX kamisama ippai ポーズがいっぱいコレクションDX 神様いっぱい, which translates to "Poses aplenty collection DX: kami-sama aplenty"

Kami-sama aplenty

Oshirasama (Radish Spirit)

Dimensions: W 43 mm (1.7") x H 71 mm (2.8") x D 33 mm (1.3")

Ootori-sama (Bird Spirit)

Dimensions: W 47 mm (1.9") x H 65 mm (2.6") x D 40 mm (1.6")


Dimensions: W 30 mm (1.2") x H 78 mm (3.1") x D 34 mm (1.3")


Dimensions: W 38 mm (1.5") x H 94 mm (3.7") x D 50 mm (2")

Kaonashi (No-Face)

Dimensions: W 59 mm (2.3") x H 33 mm (1.3") x D 63 mm (2.5")

Okusaresama (Stink Spirit)

Dimensions: W 43 mm (1.7") x H 43 mm (1.7") x D 62 mm (2.4")

River Spirit

Dimensions: W 38 mm (1.5") x H 93 mm (3.7") x D 51 mm (2")

These figurines are sold in "blind box" format, so you'll only know which one you ended up buying once you open the box and look inside. Just like the kami they represent, these little figures are shrouded in mystery...

A box will cost you 920 JPY + tax and you can buy them at Donguri Republic locations throughout Japan, as well as online.

By - Ben K.