"Haikyo" is the Japanese word for "ruins", but is often used in reference to the hobby of seeking out and exploring abandoned and sometimes even reportedly haunted areas. While a lot of the appeal behind the hobby comes from a sense of macabre and spookiness, with many choosing explore abandoned hospitals, schools, and even love hotels, there is also a sense of charm in observing untouched relics of the past such as well preserved abandoned cafes and nostalgic Game Boy post boxes.

Japanese Twitter user Enubi (@enuenuenubi) explores a wide variety of haikyo spots and takes amazing photography of them.

Recently, the talented photographer and haikyo enthusiast posted photos of a mysterious and seemingly endless "temple road" that many are comparing to The Legend of Zelda.

Source: @enuenuenubi

Source: @enuenuenubi

Source: @enuenuenubi

The tunnel itself is located in a mountainous area of Niigata prefecture (Shibata city) and is called the "Higashi-akatanai continuous/endless cave". At one point, a railroad was installed on the road to carry ore from a mine, but has long been removed. The abandoned tunnel is still blackened by soot, but overtaken by moss and open arches allow different shades of light to creep in depending on the weather.

Photographed after a rainy day as the light began to peer in, the pictures have many wanting to visit and comparing it to areas that show up in video games such as Zelda and Dark Souls. The pillars remind many of individual torii gates found at Japanese temples and shrines

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By - Big Neko.