Given the need to prioritize health and safety in recent times, many (hopefully) people are wearing masks. Those that have used masks for a while and also wear glasses are familiar with one particular problem--your lenses become "steamed" and foggy!

Animation and model artist Takahiro Shibata @iine_piroshiki) has a noodle-inspired solution that will solve your glasses and mask frustration. The talented artist decided to embrace the foggy aesthetic by creating a ramen mask that "steams" your glasses.

While masking yourself with a bowl of ramen might seem unusual to some, having a piping hot bowl of noodles below your glasses makes the fog seem natural!

As always, ramen is the answer to all our problems.

Shibata describes himself as an artist who makes "dumb things", but his works are actually genius. In the past he's made sunflower seeds that contain chocolate and canned corned beef rings!

Unfortunately, the ramen mask is not (yet) a commercial product, but if you live in Japan you can order any of Shibata's awesome products online.

By - Big Neko.