Omoshiroi Block

Japanese architectural model maker Triad Inc. sells amazing memo pads called Omoshiroi Block.

The company leveraged their experience making architectural models to create quite an extensive range of memo pads covering famous Japanese landmarks such as Kyoto's world-renowned Kiyomizudera Temple (see below), Tokyo Tower, the famous touristic landmark Kaminarimon Gate in the Asakusa neighborhood, which leads to the Sensoji Temple, captured scenes from famous cities such as Kyoto, Detroit, Chicago and Paris, and objects such as a steam locomotive and a grand piano.

With permission from (C) Triad Inc.

What's amazing about their memo pads is that it looks like a normal pad when you begin, but just like watching a 3D printer in reverse, you'll gradually see the shape of an intricate three-dimensional model appear with each sheet you pull out.

Harry Potter Omoshiroi Block

When you consider the "magical" way in which the intricate models appear, it's not hard to imagine how Triad Inc. came up with the idea of collaborating with the magical world of Harry Potter.

In what is surely an excellent gift idea for Harry Potter fans, and thanks to a partnership with Fox Inc. and Warner Brothers Consumer Products, they've created a special collaboration model Omoshiroi Block which reveals Hogwarts Castle! The memo pad also doubles as a pen stand through the strategic placement of a hole in the corner, so it retains its utility even after you've removed the last sheet.

The detailed three-dimensional design of Hogwarts Castle:

The memo pad comes with an acrylic case to display it once you've removed the last sheet.

Product information

  • Name (JP): Harry Potter - OMOSHIROI BLOCK [ ホグワーツ城 ]
  • Translation: Harry Potter - OMOSHIROI BLOCK [Hogwarts Castle]
  • Price: 18,000 JPY + tax
  • Sheets: 150
  • Size: W 85 mm (3.3") x D 82 mm (3.2") x H 43 mm (1.7")
  • Materials: paper, acrylic, brass


The Omoshiroi Block Harry Potter memo pad can be purchased at the following online stores:

By - Ben K.