To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie’s release, there’s been plenty of awesome events going on in Tokyo for Potterheads to get into. In particular, they’ve gone all out in the Marunouchi Building, putting on a full event for the Holiday season.

This includes Christmas illuminations, and even Tully’s Coffee branches around Marunounchi are selling Harry Potter-inspired drinks and merchandise.

French cookware brand Le Creuset have created a Harry Potter themed collection for the occasion, and a Marunouchi restaurant called Grill Manten Boshi have used this cookware to offer up an awesome Harry Potter collaboration menu.

Each dish is inspired by a different motif from the film, like the ‘Hogwarts Roast Beef Dinner’, which has side dishes in each colour of the Hogwarts Houses (3500 yen).

The ‘Hogwarts Pie Stew’ is emblazoned with the Hogwarts school crest (3500 yen).

Harry’s dragon egg from the Triwizard Tournament is recreated as a scotch egg (1800 yen).

There’s even a chocolate cake inspired by the Forbidden Forest (1000 yen).

But the cutest menu additions are surely the sweet Hedwig creations. Harry’s snowy owl is recreated as a bavarois (1000 yen) and a white chocolate banana milk (1000 yen). Or both owl-inspired treats can be enjoyed as a set (1800 yen).

Sadly these Potter tributes won’t be on the menu forever, and they will disappear again after 25th December 2021. Check out Grill Manten Boshi’s website for more information, or Le Creuset’s online store if any of their magical cookware caught your eye!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.