One of the most popular day-trip destinations for international visitors staying in the Tokyo area is Hakone. Famous for its soothing hot springs and natural beauty, the region provides a rewarding experience in the heart of the Japanese countryside. While in Hakone, many tourists visit the Hakone Open-Air Museum, which offers a number of artistic sculptures and pieces set to the backdrop of Hakone's lush green hills and valleys, not to mention a collection of 300 works of Pablo Picasso.

Perhaps one of the main highlights of The Hakone Open-Air Museum is the "Symphonic Sculpture” by Gabriel Loire, an 18-meter tall lookout tower that features a spiral staircase that allows visitors to admire gorgeous the gorgeous stained glass artwork from the tower's interior.

Talented Japanese photographer Hisa, whose humorous photo of a "sunglasses-wearing" Buddha we introduced in Febuary, recently discovered the tower and its beautiful interior, inspiring him to take these breathtaking shots:

Reproduced with permission from hisa (@Hisa0808)

Reproduced with permission from hisa (@Hisa0808)

The view from the top of the staircase, looking down:

Reproduced with permission from hisa (@Hisa0808)

He also took a video for good measure:

These beautiful photos make the prospect of visiting the tower and the Hakone Open-Air Museum more attractive. If you're inspired to visit, see their website here.

And if you'd like to see more breathtakingly beautiful photos from Hisa, you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

By - Ben K.