The Japanese branch of international ice cream purveyors Haagen-Dazs aren’t afraid to experiment with traditional and distinctly Japanese ingredients to create exciting flavours which are the envy of ice cream fans around the world.

One range which offers the chance to sample some traditional Japanese dessert food in a novel way is Haagen-Dazs's Hana Mochi lineup. Two elaborate flavours are released every year, and 2020's collection includes a previous favourite and a brand new icy offering.

The first flavour is the same as one of last years entries and is back by popular demand. The 'Hana Mochi Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu' has been sufficiently ‘powered up’ with kinako (soybean flour) ice cream, mixed with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and topped with squishy mochi and aromatic soybean flour.

The next release is a creative take on a Japanese autumn favourite, chestnut. The base ice cream flavour is 'shiro an', a sweet white bean paste, a taste which should enhance the ever-so-slightly salted, rich chestnut sauce. The mochi and chestnut paste topping has also been sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Both of these dessert-inspired autumn creations will go on sale from 29th September for 295 yen, in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets.

By - Jess.