Those who like to keep track of the latest sweet drink trend probably don't need an introduction to cheese tea. Originating in Taiwan, where many a sweet drink trend is born, cheese tea adds a rich and creamy topping containing cream cheese, mildly sweet and often accented with a sprinkle of salt to create the perfect contrast with the tea blend beneath it. You can think of it as cheesecake for your tea.

When it comes to cheese tea, there is one shop which stands out among the crowd, and that's machi machi. Having earned the somewhat hyperbolic moniker 'god' cheese tea shop back home in Taiwan, they've also been enjoying success in Japan. As we reported last year, their Brûlée Milk Tea with a coating of caramelized sugar just like the real dessert was, in our writer's opinion, a euphoric experience.

Your cheese tea for autumn is here

Now that autumn has unmistakenly arrived, it's the season for chestnuts, and Mont Blanc. The sweet dessert made with chestnut puree strained into vermicelli and heaped with whipped cream has been a favorite in Japan ever since 1933 when it was first introduced, based on the recipe at the pastry shop Angelina in Paris.

Just like they did with the crème brûlée, machi machi seems to understand that they do well when they pair their cheesecake-on-tea creation with a French dessert. So, pairing up with Mont Blanc was a natural fit.

Mont Blanc Cheese Milk Tea

Available from October 1st, 2020, machi machi's "Mont Blanc Cheese Milk Tea" blends a Mont Blanc cream made with Japanese waguri chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture, and adds a luxurious topping of a whole shibukawa chestnut. With delicious chewy taro pearls in the milk tea, the whole synergizes perfectly into a heavenly autumn dessert drink.

You'll surely enjoy the perfect harmony created by machi machi's original cheese sauce with just the right amount of salt, and the sophisticated sweetness of Mont Blanc cream.

machi machi recommends dipping your spoon into the Mont Blanc to sample it by itself, then mixing it into the cheese tea to enjoy two different tastes in one drink.

The Mont Blanc Cheese Milk Tea will set you back 750 JPY + taxes and is only available during the month of October at all machi machi locations.

By - Ben K.