Japan is well-known for its seasonal or limited-edition foods and drinks that come out a couple of times per year.

That means it's the perfect time to review autumn konbini (convenience stores) desserts! Here are some of my favorites this year:



First up is MINISTOP and their delicious autumn desserts!

Last year, the konbini launched their MINISOF brand shops offering soft-serve ice cream-based desserts made of carefully selected milk and other ingredients from Hokkaido Prefecture. One of their innovative limited-edition items is the drinkable soft-serve ice cream のむソフトクリーム nomu sofuto kurīmu.

At the end of August 2021, MINISOF released a limited-edition menu that includes four items, including a nomu sofuto kurīmu Mont Blanc (which happens to be my current favorite)! Their appearance reminds me of early autumn. They're the perfect treat for this time of year.


Let's take a closer look at their autumn selection:

Waffle cone soft-serve Mont Blanc (ワッフルソフム モンブラン waffuru sofuto kurīmu monburan)


Price: 490 JPY (tax included)

The waffle soft serve ice cream Montblanc is rich in flavor and consists of a vanilla-soft serve ice cream and a Montblanc topping. The cream brings a plus to the marrons’ sweet taste, giving it a more cake-like flavor. Also, the fragrance is divine!

nomu sofuto kurīmu Mont Blanc (のむソフトクリームモンブラン)

Price: 490 JPY (tax included)

This drink has a vanilla soft-serve ice cream base made with delicious Hokkaido milk and mixes it with a special chestnut sauce. The topping has plenty of whipped cream and Mont Blanc cream, which gives it an authentic flavor.

Note: Due to popular demand, the Mont Blanc desserts are no longer on sale at the time of writing, but there's a good chance you'll see them again!

Waffle cone soft-serve tiramisu (ワッフルソフトクリーム ティラミス waffuru sofuto kurīmu tiramisu)

Price: 490 JPY (tax included) 

The next dessert is a tiramisu-flavored waffle cone soft-serve ice cream. It consists of vanilla soft-serve ice cream and plenty of tiramisu mousse. The mousse made of coffee sauce and mascarpone cheese makes it feel like a luxurious dessert. As a finishing touch, the soft-serve ice cream gets powdered with cocoa. It has a moderate bitterness thanks to the espresso that matches the vanilla flavor perfectly.

nomu sofuto kurīmu tiramisu (のむソフトクリーム ティラミス)

Price: 490 JPY (tax included)

Last on the limited-edition MINISOF dessert list is the tiramisu-flavored nomu sofuto kurīmu drink. Same as above, it uses milk from Hokkaido, tiramisu mousse, and cocoa powder. It has the perfect balance between a rich café latte drink, mascarpone, and bittersweet cocoa powder.


Sweet potatoes and apples autumn parfait (お芋とりんごの秋パフェ oimo to ringo no aki pafe)

There is nothing more autumn-like than Seven-Eleven’s autumn parfait. The dessert has plenty of sweet potato whipped cream, fried sweet potatoes, red beans white beans paste. It smells and looks like autumn!

Price: 321 JPY

Pumpkin Pudding (とろ生かぼちゃプリン toro nama kabocha purin)

Another sweet treat from Seven-Eleven is their creamy pumpkin pudding. It has a smooth texture that makes you think of mashed pumpkin. It's is also bittersweet due to the caramel sauce and has a cute touch of whipped cream on top.

Price: 213 JPY


Hokkaido Pumpkin Mont Blanc Pudding

The pudding has three of my favorite elements inside: pumpkin, Mont Blanc, and Hokkaido. The appearance is cute as it is decorated as a Mont Blanc, and the taste is rich, sweet, and fills your mouth with delicious pumpkin flavor.

Price: 250 JPY

Roll-chan (pumpkin)

Roll-chan is a limited-edition pumpkin-flavored Swiss roll cake full of whipped cream and pumpkin flavor.

Price: 198 JPY


Fresh Gateau Chocolat (生ガトーショコラ nama gatō shokora)

Moist and delicious, Lawson’s Gateau Chocolat is the perfect option for chocolate lovers. It is creamy, topped with chocolate sauce, and looks fantastic!

Price: 420 JPY

Hot Cake Cream Puff  (ホットケーキシュー hotto kēki shū)

The hot cake cream puff is a delicious, creamy dessert that uses whipped cream from Hokkaido, buttery cream, and maple sauce. A must-try!

Price: 220 JPY

Strawberry Short Cake and Mont Blanc

Two delicious cakes for a home café mood! Both are a perfect match for black tea, taste heavenly, and look extremely cute, as well.

Price: 420 JPY

All prices include tax.

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