While the humidity of the country's rainy season and summer can be very oppressive for some, when it comes to combatting the dry winter air, many Japanese homes and offices use humidifiers. Just recently those in search of a trusty device have had some creative options to turn to, including a Godzilla humidifier that cures the room with radioactive breath, as well as a particularly delicious looking yakisoba humidifier.

Japanese retailer Village Vanguard has their own simple take on the device though. Continuing their trend of quirky and cute animal-themed goods, they've released a simple humidifier that replicates a sleepy animal adorably taking a hot bath!

Otter and Shiba inu

Because the sleepy bathing animal humidifiers require no electricity, they save a lot of space due to no need for a cord. They simply and quietly suck water from the reservoir below each animal as they rest their weary eyes in a soothing bath.

Cat and Polar Bear

The humidifiers are available in cat, shiba inu, otter, and polar bear models.

Each is currently available in Japan from Village Vanguard's online shop for 1,540 yen, but also appear to be slowly appearing on Amazon as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.