You may remember Japanese animation and model artist Takahiro Shibata (@iine_piroshiki) for their ingenious solution to masks steaming up glasses--a mask designed to look like a bowl of piping hot ramen.

Shibata has once again turned to steaming hot noodles for inspiration, but may have outdone himself. This time, Shibata masterfully crafted a realistic model of yakisoba out of resin that looks good enough to eat. While you unfortunately can't eat this delicious looking pack of yakisoba, it's a fully functioning humidifier powered by the "steam" coming off the noodles!

The idea is quirky and clever, but the level of detail in making a humidifier look this appetizing is very impressive.

Source: Takahiro Shibata

Source: Takahiro Shibata

Right down to the beansprouts!

Shibata says that the yakisoba humidifier isn't for sale, as it's not practical. You can check out Shibata's online shop and follow on Twitter for more awesome art and models.

By - Big Neko.