Japanese Kit Kats are known around the world and sought out after as unique souvenirs because of their wide variety of flavors. Recent renditions of the mini chocolate bars, however, have been tapping into flavors utilizing premium versions of Japanese alcohol such as sake and plum wine. Now Nestlé Japan is adding artificial intelligence to their Kit Kat cocktail mix with Kit Kat and sake pairing bar, where an AI bartender will recommend you one of 1,650 possible pairings.

Source: Nestlé Japan

For a limited time (April 19th-April 29th, coinciding with the Craft Sake Week event) in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Nestlé Japan will be running a pop-up bar stand that'll let customers pair 1 Kit Kat flavor with a recommended serving of sake. In order to determine their pairing, customers will be asked five questions via computer display, and according to their response, the AI service will recommend a pairing to suit their preference. The selection will come from a variety of region-limited Kit Kats (15 types), and sake (110 types, which different regions featured daily.)

Source: Nestlé Japan

Kit Kat flavors available will include: premium sake (two types), umeshu (plum wine), beni imo (purple yam), Amaou strawberry, momiji manju, Uji matcha, hoji cha (roasted green tea), red bean sandwich, wasabi, apple, strawberry cheesecake, rum raisin, tochiotome strabwerry, and red bean and strawberry.

The even is spearheaded by former soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata, who has been campaiging to promote Japanese alcohol globally through the appeal of Japanese Kit Kats. Each pairing will cost 2 coins (the payment system of Craft Sake Week--for which the general admission price is 3,500 yen). With 350 sake breweries represented and a different region represented, it's a perfect opportunity for Kit Kat fans who have been looking to explore different types of sake. For information about the event, check out the Craft Sake Week homepage.

By - Big Neko.