Much to the joy of the internet, Studio Ghibli released over 400 stills from their library of animated films on September 18th. The images, which are free to download and use, feature some of Studio’s most memorable scenes. Though animations set in quasi fantasy lands, Ghibli’s artwork is famous for bringing to life subjects based on the real world with breathtaking vivacity. As the stills are proving to show, this is especially true for images of food.

We’ve gathered some of the best images featuring eating and food to get you in the mood for your next meal, which is likely to be early after seeing these mouth watering frames!

Assembling a feast for the eyes

Hats off to the incredible chefs who cooked up Studio Ghibli’s food and dining scenes as they look superb. As you’ll see from the photos below, the food in the images looks even better than the real things, but that won’t stop you reaching for a snack anyway!

Check out our prime cuts from amongst the 400 stills released by the studio last month.

"From Up on Poppy Hill"

“From Up on Poppy Hill" was released in 2011, and contains the above scene where the heroine, Umi makes breakfast in Coquelicot Manner.

The menu is a simple Japanese version of a western breakfast, consisting of ham and eggs, rice and miso soup, but it’s temptingly illustrated and satisfying just to look at.

"When Marnie Was There"

One of When Marnie Was There’s most evocative scenes is when main character Anna and her aunt harvest and cook tomatoes in the garden. Evocative especially because of the plump, juicy tomatoes they harvest (though the familial bonding is also touching).

Seeing this scene certainly put us in the mood for the taste of ripe, fresh tomato.

The Wind Rises

"The Wind Rises" is a film based on the story of Jiro Horikoshi, an airplane designer in the early Showa period.

One scene shows Jiro offering some "Siberia" to poor children on the roadside. The act of kindness is nothing to scoff at but the spongy, bountiful red bean paste cake certainly is. If like us you’d love to sink your teeth into that traditional dessert then you can in various traditional bakeries throughout Tokyo and Kanagawa.

"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"

Ponyo features a memorable scene where Sousuke’s mother makes instant noodles for Sousuke and main character Ponyo on a stormy night.

With plenty of ingredients such as thick-sliced ​​ham and eggs, this customized cup ramen will instantly rouse any viewers' appetite!

"Spirited Away"

Last but not least is one of the most memorable scenes from Oscar winning film “Spirited Away”. At the beginning of the film, main character Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs while gorging on a cornucopia of delicious street foods meant for the gods.

The juicy yet mysterious foods are so tempting that many netizens have been posting on Twitter expressing their desire to eat the fictional food. Comments such as "what is it?" And “I want to eat it" Regularly accompany photos of the "juicy, springy meat" eaten by Chihiro’s father.

As we explained in an earlier article, the true identity of this meat is a "Coelacanth's stomach". a little less hungry…...but we’re still curious about what it tastes like.

Also, the cakes and cookies enjoyed by Chihiro and chums at Zeniba's house look very tempting!

The internet in Japan has abounded with comments about the food scenes, including the below:

  • Since the images of Ghibli were distributed, I downloaded and saved all the images of food.
  • "Ghibli food" looks delicious, doesn't it? You can feel everything from the appearance to the smell.
  • I love Ponyo's ramen because it seems to warm me up everything I see it.

Let us know in the comments on Facebook which "food scene" of Ghibli's work sticks in your mind?

By - Toby M.