andew: the world's first complete chocolate

There have been energy bars, protein shakes, and other products which are billed as nutritionally complete, but you've probably never seen one like this.

According to a press release released by SpinLife Co., Ltd., their chocolate called "andew" (pronounced "ange," like the French word for angel) is the world's first nutritionally complete chocolate.

andew maximizes nutritional value by using ingredients such as almonds, soybean flour, chia seeds, coconuts, poppy seeds, matcha, and kelp, in addition, of course, to cocoa beans, the raw material for chocolate. It contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all the nutrients that humans need, and more. In addition, no white sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives or fragrances are used in its manufacture.

Moreover, andew can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, such as those who want a balanced diet, those who want to eat chocolate without feeling guilty, those who play sports, the elderly who have a restricted diet, and children.

Proceeds donated to DEBRA

andew was developed through an idea proposed by DEBRA Japan representative director Keiko Miyamoto. As a result, andew is associated with this important international medical research charity dedicated to the curing of epidermolysis bullosa. A portion of your purchase will be donated to EB research (details below).

monthly subscription

4 andew bars for JPY 3,312 JPY per month (excluding tax) (10% off the regular price of 4 tablets, free shipping)

10 andew bars for 7,820 JPY per month (excluding tax) (15% off the regular price of 10 tablets, free shipping)

For the 4-bar course, 100 yen per month for each order, for the 10-bar course, 200 yen per month will be donated to the DEBRA JApan.

To begin your subscription, visit andew's official website here.

By - Ben K.