Chocolate lovers behold, Lindt & Sprüngli Japan (Lindt), the Swiss premium chocolate brand loved in over 120 countries across the globe has announced the launch of two new drinks for their cafe menu.

Lindt Strawberry Iced Chocolate and Lindt Strawberry Hot Chocolate will be debuting on the Lindt Chocolat Cafe drinks menu, alongside the current 18 variations of chocolate beverages from Wednesday April 1, 2020.

Lindt Strawberry Iced Chocolate. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

The two new cute drinks, Lindt Strawberry Iced Chocolate and Lindt Strawberry Hot Chocolate drinks, mix together Strawberry and Lindt White Chocolate.

Made with frozen strawberries, strawberry puree and white chocolate, the drink allows you to enjoy the sweet and sour palate of strawberry and the sweet, smooth texture of white chocolate.

The chocolate drink is decorated with whipped white chocolate mousse, white chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce and strawberry powder.

In addition, the iced chocolate drinks have a marbled pattern inside the cup made from the contrast of the red strawberry sauce and the pink strawberry chocolate drink. As the white chocolate mousse blends with the drink, the sourness of the strawberry flavour is weakened, creating a sweeter and smoother taste.

Lindt Strawberry Hot Chocolate. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

Product name:

  • Lindt Strawberry Iced Chocolate Drink
  • Lindt Strawberry Hot Chocolate Drink

Price: 699 yen (tax included)

Sale period: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 for the whole year.

Location: Lindt Chocolat Cafe across Japan, including outlet mall stores.

The two new strawberry chocolate drinks are an addition to Lindt Chocolat Cafe’s expansive drink menu which includes 18 types of rich chocolate drink variations.

Recently, new speciality drinks have been appearing one after another since the release of the basic Lindt Iced/Hot Chocolate in November 2019, and have proved to be popular amongst customers.

Other speciality drinks added to the menu include Lindt Iced/Hot Mocha (White/Milk/Dark), Lindt Iced/Hot Chocolate Drink Hojicha and Lindt Iced/Hot Chocolate Matcha.

With 18 different chocolate drinks, you can pick the perfect beverage to match your mood. It is assured that no chocolate lover will ever be bored when visiting a Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.