When one thinks of autumn, what comes to mind?

Red, orange, and yellow leaves, pumpkin-spice flavored drinks and desserts, sweater weather…

And don’t forget about the autumn harvest! That’s where everyone’s favorite pumpkin-spice flavor comes from after all.

Root vegetables like turnips and beets, squash from the vine, and apples from the tree; these are all classic fall flavors brought to us from the faceless farmers around the world.

The Harvest Season Surprise

Now these are all plants you’d expect to find in a garden, but one farmer recently found something a bit different.

One day (@pote32jp) went out to his field and discovered something unusual. He tweeted this picture of his discovery as proof…

Reproduced with permission from Shiba-Pote.jp (@pote32jp)

My field gifted me a chubby Shiba Inu.

Whoever wants to harvest it, come and get it!

Reproduced with permission from Shiba-Pote.jp (@pote32jp)

The fuzzy fruits of our contributor’s labor is none other than his Shiba Inu, Pote.

Pote looks to be enjoying the feel of the cool soil under her belly, as she looks over her owner’s slow and steady growth.

Though perhaps instead of taking a nap, she should help out weeding the plot…

Shiba-Pote.jp’s followers were delighted with his post and joined in the fun with comments like:

  • I absolutely want to harvest your Shiba!
  • Excuse me, but is this Shiba still available?
  • Recently I harvested a Shiba in my garden as well!

According to her owner, Pote sprawling out like this is a common sight.

Lucky for him!

If you can’t get enough of Pote, then check out her Twitter (@pote32jp).

And just for fun, here’s a video of her hitching a ride home in her owner’s pack.

By - Mujo.