Everyone Loves Charmy

Charmy, a 4-year-old Shiba Inu lives with her owner @shiba_charmy and has gotten a lot of attention recently, even appearing on the Japanese announcer Hatori Shinichi’s Morning Show.

So what did Charmy do to attract such spotlight?

She simply did what dogs do best! In this case, a combination of looking cute, silly, and sleeping in a funny pose. Check out @shiba_charmy’s Twitter post below:

You can see Charmy lying against a door, belly up and eyes rolled back in her head, legs twitching a bit, deep asleep.

@shiba_charmy posted the video, commenting that Charmy has recently become quite the doorstop.

Twitter user replies were quite varied:

  • That’s scary!
  • What a funny face!
  • I want this kind of doorstop!

I wonder if Charmy has any idea how much of an internet sensation she’s become.

Lying on her back like that, belly up, deep asleep, she certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

It makes you wonder what she might be dreaming about.

Here’s another video below of Charmy in her special ramen bed.

If you want more of Charmy, you can find her on YouTube.

By - Mujo.