Although bubble tea is known as a Taiwanese creation, Vietnamese boba chain Mot Tram is making waves in Japan with their innovative takes on the popular beverage. They first burst onto the scene with their ‘Mega Mot Tram’, a litre’s worth of bubble tea which stands at a towering 26 cm tall and contains double the usual amount of chewy tapioca balls.

Now to celebrate their premises in Japan’s old capital Kyoto, they’ve taken inspiration from the area’s traditional specialties for some new wagashi-inspired taste sensations.

Both concoctions are a combination of a sweet and a type of green tea, which Kyoto is also known for producing.

First up is the ‘Black Sesame Dango x Rich Matcha Milk’ collaboration (670 yen). The milky tea is made with Uji matcha and the dango has been placed on top of the matcha cream and drizzled with black sesame caramel sauce.

The second creation is a combination made in wagashi heaven, ‘Fresh Warabi Mochi x Hojicha Milk’ (660 yen). Hojicha is a type of roasted green tea and that toasty taste should perfectly complement the brown sugar warabi mochi. The drink is finished off with a scoop of black sesame ice cream.

Both of these luxurious beverages are exclusive to Mot Tram’s Kyoto branch in Kawaramachi until 8th November. Check out the website for more information!

By - Jess.