Two of the hottest contemporary trends to hit Japan, cat cafes and bubble tea, are combining their immensely Instagrammable power into one venue.

The two companies involved in this dream venture both have numerous branches of their shop around Japan, but they’ve chosen tourist-favourite Kyoto as the location for this new bastion of kawaii culture. Shinkyogoku, to be specific, a bustling downtown area filled with theatres, cinemas, shrines and temples among other attractions.

Now instead of making two trips to enjoy both a cat cafe, which is a must-visit for tourists, and a another Japan-favourite, bubble tea, the two will be readily available in one place. This ambitious crossover is called ‘Neko Tapi’, combining the Japanese word for cat (neko) and bubble tea (tapioka).

From the world of bubble tea, bringing their expertise to the table, is Tapista, a venue known for their high quality and aesthetically pleasing beverages. (They also recently announced their special spring-only drink which contains sakura tapioca pearls flavoured with real cherry blossom!) At Neko Tapi, a range of favourites have been selected including eight base drinks such as ‘Black Honey Milk’ and ‘Uji Matcha Latte’. If that’s not luxurious enough for you there’s five various toppings to choose from, such as brown sugar tapioca pearls and strawberry foam, making the beverages deliciously customisable.

And representing the feline side of things is Mocha, a cat cafe chain known for their stylish interiors. For Neko Tapi they’ve gone for a subtle mint green interior, designed to feel as cosy as a living room to allow customers to feel at home.

Since the cafe is new opening, many of the cats are still kittens, so expect plenty of mischievous and adorable antics while you enjoy your boba!

Check out the Neko Tapi website for up to date prices and opening times!

By - Jess.