The Fake Burger

Perhaps in a nod to Halloween, Burger King Japan is unveiling a mysterious new item which they're calling "The Fake Burger" in an advertising campaign showing off what appears to be orange-yellow contents distorted by heavy pixelation.

The contents remain a mystery until the burger goes on sale on October 23rd when the identity of the ingredients sandwiched between the two buns will presumably be revealed.

So what is it?

Is the "fake" a reference to "fake meat"? Is this a diminutive version of the Impossible Whopper making its appearance in Japan? Unless we're looking at cheese slices or sauce, the orange-yellow color doesn't seem to match the appearance the Impossible Whopper's patty.

The poster possibly provides a hint. At the top, above the words "The Fake Burger," it says: "soft and flaky, fluffy and delicious." Combined with the yellow color and the 290 JPY price (590 JPY for a set with medium fries and drink), this sounds like it could be describing a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs.

Of course, this is all conjecture on our part. There will undoubtedly be a second announcement closer to October 23rd where we'll find out what The Fake Burger is all about. Apparently, they'll be sold in limited numbers, so if you're in Japan and anxious to find out, don't visit too late!

For more information, visit Burger King Japan's official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.