With 120 years of experience, Uoman Shoten has become one of Japan’s leading companies when it comes to producing ‘fish cakes’ or kamaboko as they are known in Japanese.

Joining in on the halloween fun this year, the fishcake crafting company has created a collection of halloween-inspired kamaboko snack sticks perfect for adding some bite-sized spooktastic fun to any lunchbox or party meal.

Playfully named ‘ねりもんモンスターズ (nerimon monstas)’ which translates as ‘paste monsters’, the collection is made up of a number of fried kamaboko shaped into typical halloween characters.

Each of the colourful and cute kamaboko snacks have been shaped into character by experienced craftsmen of Uoman Shoten. Individually packaged, the collection is great for use at both halloween dinner parties and as gifts for friends.

The ねりもんモンスターズ kamaboko collection are available in the following styles and flavours:

Jack O’Lantern
What kind of party is a halloween get together without a Jack O’Lantern?
Resembling a carved pumpkin, this kamaboko is made of a mixture of surimi and pumpkin paste.

Black Cat
No halloween event is complete without every witch’s favourite sidekick; a black cat.
A mixture of surimi and cheese covered with a layer of crispy seaweed, makes this black cat inspired kamaboko a tasty snack with an interesting crunch.

Just like the shapeshifting spectres of All Hallows Eve, Uomon Shoten’s ghostly kamaboko are available in more than one style; white and purple.
The white ghost kamaboko is mixed with basil, whilst the purple ghost kamaboko paste is intertwined with sweet potato.

The spooky halloween kamaboko collection is available in a set of 8, with two of each style included in the package.
Priced at 1,944 yen, the set can be bought from the Uoman Shoten website.

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By - Connie Sceaphierde.