CHIME FOR CHANGE gathers together the voices of those who are aiming to achieve gender equality and a stronger community. In their latest issue, the CHIME zine highlights stories from the #StandWithWomen campaign.
With the outbreak of COVID-19 exacerbating a number of problems including gender inequality, efforts to support women and girls are more important now than ever.

Fighting for gender equality, the latest issue of the CHIME zine raises the voices of activists and artists around the world. This time the zine’s special feature places the spotlight on feminism, gender and self-expression within Japanese society using a compilation of essays, interviews and artwork.

This issue includes interviews with Yuki Chidui – a sushi chef and restaurant owner in Tokyo, Yume Morimoto – an active queer feminist and the founder of Japanese-English bilingual zine ‘BGU’ and members of ‘WAIFU’ – an organisation that plans and holds events which focus on the principles of intersection feminism and inclusion.

The images on the cover are photographs from ‘Bluestocking’ – a literary magazine founded by some of Japan’s first active feminists;Haru Raichō Hiratsuka, Yasumochi Yoshiko, Mozume Kazuko, Kiuchi Teiko, and Nakano Hatsuko. Hiratsuka, the magazine’s editor, also had a major role behind the initial spark of the Women’s Liberation movement in Japan during the 1910’s.

The zine covers various topics such as women and girls with disabilities, female refugees, intersectional feminism, transgender activism, FGM, child marriage and more, and hopes to encourage readers to take action.

The campaign highlighted within, #StandWithWomen aims to combat gender-induced violence and discrimination, with a strong focus on the increase in problems following the outbreak of COVID-19.
#StandWithWomen was launched in May 2020 by CHIME FOR CHANGE and related organisations that support and advocate the health, safety and human rights of women and girls around the world.

The campaign has helped to raise funds for the activities of non-profit organisations fighting for change and awareness in various locations across the world. Following are some points of progress made by #StandWithWomen:

  • Global Fund for Women: Funds and support for feminist groups, individuals, human rights defenders and activists.
  • Equality Now: Virtual conferences were held amongst prominent activists from across the globe to address challenges women are currently facing. Training was also held through SNS for gender advocacy activities and storytelling following the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Supported and helped set up organisations and funds in various countries, such as ‘Ms. Foundation for Women’ in the United States, ‘Chayn Italia’ in Italy and ‘Rosa’ in the UK.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.