Motimaru is a Scottish Straight, almost one year old, and well-pampered by his owner (@catmotimaru) who faithfully documents his daily happenings on SNS.

One video in particular has gotten a lot of attention. 5.6 million views kind of attention.

So what did Motimaru do to gain so many fans?

One day Motimaru was in the bathroom taking care of business. But instead of the usual scratching sounds of the litterbox, (@catmotimaru) heard plop plop plop and went to have a look.

(@catmotimaru) was surprised at what he saw, but still managed to catch it on camera.

Motimaru is Potty Trained?

Motimaru hasn’t actually been taught to use a toilet. But where there’s a will there’s a way right?

His owner said he’s been flushing the cat litter down the toilet and was in the middle of cleaning Motimaru’s litter box that day. He figures that’s why Motimaru took it upon himself to try out the toilet.

Viewers praised Motimaru and shared their own cats’ accomplishments.

  • What a clever boy! My cat also uses a cat toilet or goes outside.
  • My cat used to use a Japanese style toilet.
  • I like how he straddles the toilet seat!
  • He’s so smart to know how to use the toitlet

Nice job Motimaru!


Did you know you shouldn’t flush cat litter down the toilet?

The litter itself is highly absorptive and can cause real bad backups. And although you can buy flushable litter, there’s a bigger issue.

Cat feces can actually contain a parasite called toxoplasmosis, which isn’t destroyed by sewage treatment. It spreads into the water supply and can cause illness in people, as well as marine mammals.

(@catmotimaru) recognized this issue and promised to improve Motimaru’s toilet situation.

For more cute videos and picture of Motimaru, you can check out his Twitter account here

Or you can subscribe to Motimaru’s Diary on YouTube here.

By - Mujo.