At grape Japan, we have a soft spot for furry friends, especially of the feline variety. Just something about their whimsy and curiosity and the cartoonishly foolish predicaments they find themselves make for good content fodder.

Anyone who needs convincing simply look for themselves. We’ve covered foster cat Ku’s knack for oddly photogenic poses, and the cutest delivery driver you’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, my recent favorite is easily this pair of cat criminals caught in the act. Their expressions say it all. Guilty!

Still, the internet as it is, you’re likely to find cats in numerous unexpected nooks and crannies online. Whether is curling up in a cabinet or hiding from the rain in a shrine, these cats know how to get cozy. Even a cup of noodles can serve as a good place to catch up on some shut eye.


Sure enough, there is never a dull moment with cats in the house.

Internaut Haruto (@tomeji1106) recently relearned this fact firsthand when she went to the kitchen to make dinner. A simple enough task, however, the cat owner couldn't help but be shocked when she opened the door to her fridge.

Hmmm, what’s for dinner tonight? I guess Haruto’s Gachan was wondering just that, hence this peculiar situation.

Haruto wrote in a caption:

“Looking in the fridge, there is nothing but booze, eggs, and a cat...I guess an egg and cat rice bowl is what’s for dinner.”

I don't know, sounds like a bad case of indigestion and hairballs.

Haruto’s followers, of course, were amused by the predicament. They responded:

  • “That sounds delicious!”
  • “Lol! We keep the same ingredients in stock at my house.”
  • “If Gachan gets cold just move her to the rice cooker or the microwave!”
  • “If you don’t pay close attention to Gachan she’ll get into anything.”

A Curious Cat

While Gachan enjoys her shenanigans, she seems to lead a pretty normal life for a cat. Sure enough, her owner does a great job of documenting Gachan on Twitter. It appears that she can be a handful from time to time.

“Good morning!”

Indeed, she’s ready to go from the break of dawn—even if she gets a little tangled up some mornings. Nevertheless, it’s straight to playtime:

“Good morning. Gachan is lounging”

But no one can keep that pace up all day. Later on its time for a break, and there’s of course a video or two to catch up on on the smartphone:

And although Haruto has some errands to run, Gachan makes it known she should hurry back:

I think I know where Gachan will be waiting when Haruto comes home.

By - Luke Mahoney.