If you’ve ever spent time in Japan, you’ll know that trains are an indispensable form of transportation. So it’s not surprising to see die-hard fans of railroads and trains, all of whom will surely appreciate the elegance of ChouChou POPON, a Ginza bar where model trains zip by as you sip a glass of your favorite cocktail.


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON

At this stylish location you’ll be surrounded by over 60 different types of trains, from bullet trains, locomotives, commuter trains, to freight trains. Even if you’re not a railway fan, there’s bound to be a handful of trains that will look familiar.

Railroads are set on the bar counters where various trains whizz by, tickling the fancies of your inner child while you sit at an elegant bar. The bar also has miniature models of cities and other stellar decoration, like a star-splattered wall that looks like a starry night sky.


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON

But even with all the fancy gadgets and decorations, a bar wouldn’t be a bar without lots of booze. Fear not — ChouChou POPON has tons of it, and they even have 9 original train cocktails based on famous Japanese trains. For example, you can get a Hayabusa E5 cocktail with mint liquer and yuzu, or a Yamanote E235 with Midori (melon liquer).


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON


Source: ChouChou POPON

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And if drinking and watching miniature trains isn’t enough for you, ChouChou POPON also has “narrators” that help make your experience even more unique. They’ll hold small events like mini concerts and story-telling sessions featuring short tales relating to railroads, trains, and everything in-between.

An ideal place to visit for a memorable night out!

ChouChou POPON

〒104-0061 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, Ginza, 8 Chome−4−5 Ginza Hachikan 3110



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