This cat’s too adorable! An unusual reaction to his owner picking him up.

Japanese Twitter user @cats_mimige lives with his beloved Scottish Fold, Mimige.

A video he posted of his cat on twitter is going viral.

It is a simple series of videos of Mimige being picked up off the floor. But, this video has been so popular due to its "soothing nature" that it has been played over 1,200,000 times since October 22nd, 2020!

Well, let’s see what the fuss is about this video and with the volume on…

“ppuuuuurrr…”- An adorable meow every time Mimige gets picked up.

Perhaps, it is just that Mimige meows out of surprise when getting picked up out of nowhere.

But his meow is so adorable and a little pathetic at the same time, you just can’t help but smile.

This video received 110,000 likes and many comments.

"This almost looks like I’m watching a crane game of Mimige, the prize!"

"This is too adorable. I even let my own cats hear Mimige’s meow, and they would gather around to see his cute reaction."

"This is so cute I am forever stuck in the loop of playing this video on repeat! I just don’t know when to stop!"

I think Mimige made many people happy through this video!

By - Mugi.